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At Guidance, we understand that launching and growing a new venture is an exhilarating journey that comes with its unique set of challenges.

Acknowledging the crucial support needed beyond the core activities, we've developed Venture Launchpad—a suite of services meticulously tailored to empower startups with personalized guidance, resources, and assistance. Seamlessly integrated into your operations, it enables you to focus on your core strengths while we handle essential tasks.

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Go-to-Market Strategy and Growth Optimization

We craft comprehensive go-to-market strategies tailored for new ventures. With a data-driven approach, we assist in optimizing your marketing and sales materials, lead generation, conversions, and sales processes. Our guidance ensures that your marketing efforts are fine-tuned for maximum effectiveness, accelerating growth.

Digital product prototyping

Specializing in rapid prototyping and MVP development, we empower startups to swiftly test their ideas. With expertise in UX design and no-code/low-code web development, we facilitate the creation of digital prototypes from concept to realization, enabling quick experimentation and validation.

Funding Strategy and Execution

Securing funding is crucial for new ventures. We guide you through the fundraising process, leveraging our expertise to raise funds from equity, debt, grants, and subsidized debt. From identifying funding sources to negotiating terms and closing deals, we ensure you have the capital to propel your startup forward.

Workspace Stack Setup & Sys-Admin

Expert in modern cloud workspace implementation and management, we tailor the optimal stack to your needs, including productivity tools, ERP, CRM and PM solutions. Our Sys-Admin service ensures seamless management, optimizing your workspace for productivity, collaboration, GDPR compliance, and data security.

Accounting, Finance and Control management

Our AFC management service ensures financial health and compliance, optimizing cash flow for sustainable growth. From bookkeeping to strategic planning, our team provides clarity for informed decisions in startup finance, supported by our network of professionals including lawyers, accountants, and labor consultants

Case studies


  • > creating a long-term vision and defining a BHAG
  • > marketing setup (roles and responsibilities, how to work, what KPIs to look at, how to set the marketing plan, etc.)
  • > team selection and training
  • > step-by-step monitoring of results, with ongoing strategic advisory

Case studies

Radical HR

  • > setting the launch strategy
  • > setting KPIs and marketing goals
  • > supporting the choice of technologies and tech partners

Case studies


  • > service offering and pricing strategy
  • > communication and go-to-market strategy
  • > SaaS software design and tech partner selection
  • > ongoing strategic support

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